L&H Asset Advocates was formed to acquire, develop, and manage institutional quality real estate properties in US growth markets with strong demographic and employment trends with constrained supply. L&H is focused on delivering strong risk-adjusted returns for our investors looking for more secure investment opportunities.


We are currently focused on strategic markets in highest-growth US regions where we believe we can continue to deliver very attractive risk-adjusted return to investors. Our near term strategy is to acquire, develop, manage single-family and multifamily properties with an exit strategy to maintain these properties as a rental portfolio while giving investors higher than market returns.

Our key strategy revolves around acquiring, renovating and renting single-family and multifamily properties in these markets. L&H is focused on building a strong portfolio of well-located single-family and multifamily assets within demand growth, job growth, and supply constrained secondary/tertiary markets to generate attractive returns.


Managed properly and scaled efficiently with technology we see this unique opportunity generating very attractive returns. We believe there is considerable value in this fragmented rental space. Our investment strategy is to execute a disciplined acquisition strategy over the next five years, behind very strong momentum in the single/multi-family REIT space. The macroeconomic outlook for renters of apartments is a favorable environment. L&H’s 5-year growth strategy is to expand into select strategic markets, build a strong portfolio of single family garden style and mid-rise multifamily units, with the potential exit through a sale or public market listing during this strong growth period.


Managed by professionals in the Real Estate market, our team consists of various talented individuals which work in supporting roles as real estate professionals.  We have licensed mortgage brokers, licensed real estate agents/brokers, licensed developers/contractors, real estate attorneys, title companies and appraisal companies.  Having such a diverse team allows L&H to properly assess property and project financial feasibility while protecting investors and generating good returns on their investments.

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