We provide rehab loans for individuals looking to profit from a rehab project.  We can fund based on the After Repair Value or the As Is value.   We can also fund the rehab costs rolled into the acquisition costs.  No two projects are the same and we understand the difficulties of such projects.  Please feel free to call us for a solution to your needs. (908) 312-1456

By taking advantage of this great offer, you can get ahead of the competition in the commercial real estate market.  A bridge loan or hard money loan from our large array of lenders can make all the difference when you are bidding on properties.  If the property has sufficient equity, poor credit is often not an issue. We can fund projects based the performance of the underlying asset.  We also provide methods to grow your Rental Portfolio, so make sure you ask about our Creative Financing for investors looking to create wealth in the Rental Market.

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Creative Financing Application

L&H Asset Advocates and its Business Associates have a strong commitment to safeguard the privacy of information our clients entrust to us. We take all necessary actions to protect the confidentiality and security of all client information. L&H never shares client information with anyone outside of the company without the express written consent of the client.

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    The information set forth above is true and correct and is provided to L&H Asset Advocates for the purpose of obtaining or maintaining credit or other financial accommodations. The undersigned acknowledge and understand that you are relying on the information provided to make a credit decision. Each of the undersigned represents, warrants and certifies that the information provided herein is true, correct and complete.

    Any willful misrepresentation could result in a violation of FEDERAL LAW. Each of the undersigned agrees to notify you immediately and in writing of any material change in any of the information contained in this statement.

    Agreement Acceptance

    By submitting this application, you authorize L&H Asset Advocates to obtain a consumer credit report through a credit reporting company chosen by L&H.

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