Housing Costs Take Up Biggest Share of Income since 2010

Appreciating home values and rising interest rates inflated the typical monthly mortgage payment $68 in 2016, up to $758, according to a recent analysis by Zillow, […]

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Ask the Expert: How Can I Creatively Stay in Touch with Past Clients?

Today’s Ask the Expert column features John Bunker, marketing director of Q: How can I creatively—and effectively—stay in touch with past clients and prospects? A: I […]

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Home Prices Climb in Unseasonable Winter

It has been an unseasonably hot winter in housing as home prices hike higher, according to Clear Capital’s recently released Home Data Index (HDI) report, showing […]

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Shatter the Myths about Millennials and Real Estate

The word “millennial” has evolved into a pejorative within the real estate industry. With a cringe factor reaching the same level as terms like “glamour shot” […]

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